Reference company


We are a company composed of historically well-known enterprises and people  with high professional, technological and industrial training, owners of a great cultural heritage and know-how who, made available to the companies, bring innovation, concrete growth results and market competitiveness.
We're not cooperatives or associations of undertakings, but simply a business enterprise in development.
What will EUROCAMI propose?

EUROCAMI, with its culture and experience, can cooperate or bring the management of a productive activities, to improve its production technology and seek new export markets for its development, coordinate and re-evaluate the human resources, make the most of existing resources in the company.

EUROCAMI also provides customers "machine designs and consolidated applications", the result of decades of developments both at the collective and individual purpose of exploitation.
Aggregate Company to the "REFERENCE - COMPANY."
We would like to specify that Eurocami caters to clear specific fields.
For this reason the companies interested to activities within the jurisdiction of the Reference Company, will belong to sectors falling under the EUROCAMI expertise and its know-how.
In "REFERENCE COMPANY" may not actually be two equal companies competing with each other, because the spirit of the project is not the search for the best price offered on the market or to the brokerage, but to induce and develop activities and projects between companies and join economic/productive exchanges, thanks to the management of EUROCAMI.
Each company will act independently talking to EUROCAMI for all technical/operational and commercial aspects within the guidelines of an agreement which will govern relations between EUROCAMI and companies.
EUROCAMI alongside the aggregated companies, inform, represent them on the market, advertise on the web, according to various needs. In the case of exploitation of know-how owned by Eurocami, the company will be followed until its goal, alongside the aggregated company to give it all the technical support, in addition to any dedicated support in case of investment or disposal of plant and equipment, total transparency and confidentiality.
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